Day Goree, president of IT Network Professionals LLC, known as IT Net Pros, officially started the company in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. IT Net Pros is a small company offering IT consulting, managed IT, and VoIP services for businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.


Helping businesses achieve peace of mind and scalability by building lasting relationships and delivering tailor-fit IT solutions.


Responsive, progressive, competent, flexible, innovative, customer-centric, reliable, honest, trust-worthy, relatable, proactive, economical


Website (ItNetPros.com): The IT Net Pros website is attractive and functional. The voice is comforting and professional but warm. It features all the basic information about the company, including the services they offer and contact information, and a clear call-to-action. The integrated blog had consistent monthly posts until October 2020.


ItNetPros integrated blog features company news, employee profiles, and industry-related articles.

IT Net Pros Website




Facebook profile includes appropriate contact info, hours, etc. The link to Instagram is broken (missing an S on the end); not officially connected. Stream features mostly IT industry memes posted a few times per month, but the feed ended in February 2021.




Stream features only IT-related memes with an average engagement of 5-6. Most of the memes are industry jokes that only IT professionals would understand; they are not likely to reach clients.




Profile includes an excellent summary of the company and a link to the website. However, the few official company posts are the same IT insider memes from Instagram and Facebook.


The official voice of the brand—professional, trust-worthy, innovative—does not come through in the company’s social media channels.

Currently, the content is geared toward other IT industry professionals. However, the buyer persona for IT/MSP services is unlikely to be an IT professional. More likely it will be a small or medium business owner or a board representative for a larger organization.

Because the goal of IT Net Pros social media presence is to establish the company as an authority in the IT managed services industry, all posts across all platforms should be geared toward potential clients with the goal of lead generation.

The blog is an excellent opportunity to address felt needs of potential clients, update followers on industry trends, and establish the IT Net Pros principals as industry thought leaders. Content from the blog can be re-purposed across multiple channels, including social platforms, email newsletters, and even podcasts.


Social media content should consistently reassure clients and potential clients that they can relax knowing their network is solid and in capable, professional hands. I recommend removing all meme posts that do not contribute to this goal, especially those with spelling/grammar errors.

Social media platforms should be prioritized in the following order:

  • Blog: Create 2–4 evergreen posts per month focusing on educational and industry content. Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 2,500 words to maximize SEO. Each post should contain relevant keywords, meta description, and a related URL. Images should contain alt text.
  • Facebook: Create 2–3 posts per week in different formats (video, image, stories) with a focus on solving customer pain points. Highlight success stories, go behind the scenes, share curated industry posts, etc. Casual style is ideal, but stay professional.
  • LinkedIn: Create 2–4 posts per month. Types of content should include short-form video (30-60 second clips on industry best practices, for example), company news, infographics, curated content from partners, and links to blog posts.
  • Twitter: Start a Twitter account, which is a critical presence for B2B marketing. Schedule posts daily. Ask questions, Retweet partner content, share quotes/links from relevant articles (with attribution), make helpful statements.
  • Instagram: Create 2–3 posts per week including photos from company events, quotes, employees working, and reels/stories. Make sure the profile includes a link to the company website or a custom landing page with call-to-action links.

Be sure to @ tag industry partners that are mentioned in social posts. Use marketing email to cross-promote social channels. Be sure that someone is responsible for monitoring incoming messages from all channels at least daily.


Hashtags (use some relevant tags with all social posts)

#ITNetPros #ITNetworking #ITNetworkingSupport #ITSupport #ITNetworkingSolutions #ManagedServicesProvider #ManagedServicesProviderUSA #itmsp #SanAntonio #Texas #IT #MSP #ITConsulting


    This series of images contains actualized social media posts per the recommendations above.